Berkshire Grammar Schools


Berkshire 11+ Exam
Berkshire has six grammar schools and one *bilateral school (Reading Girl’s). Two of the grammar schools are in Reading (Reading Grammar and Kendrick) and the remaining four are in Slough. The four schools in Slough – Slough Grammar, Langley, Herschel and St. Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School operate a consortium for admissions. Parents need to complete a registration form and return it to their first choice school, which is where their child will then take the test. The Common Application Form (CAF) must also be completed. Considerable care is needed to ensure that all forms are submitted in time to meet the various deadlines. We suggest contacting the Slough consortium and the individual schools concerned to ensure you have accurate, up to date information. The CEM exam overseen by Durham University includes verbal & non-verbal reasoning, numeracy and comprehension papers and apart from St Bernard’s places are allocated by score. Herschel, Slough and Langley Grammar Schools are often over-subscribed, with approximately 10 applicants for every place. St. Bernard’s Grammar School has about 3 applications for every place and the school gives priority to children of the Roman Catholic faith.