12+ and 13+ Preparation


Friday – 5.30pm to 7pm

Saturday – 12.15pm to 1.45pm

Available from September to February


Our courses cover all aspects of the 12+ and 13+ exams including numeracy, literacy and reasoning skills. As with our 11+ course, we focus strongly on teaching comprehension skills, building vocabulary and developing problem solving and mental maths skills to ensure children are confident and fully prepared for the 12+ 13+ CEM and GL exams. We also put a strong emphasis on improving student’s time management, to make sure that they are in a good position to complete the exam in full.


What is the Late Transfer Process?


The 12 and 13 plus examinations, officially known as the ‘Late Transfer Process’ is taken when children are in year 7 or 8.  Some Bucks grammar schools use the Bucks CC late transfer test and other schools opt instead to set their own in-house tests for late entry. Below is a table of Bucks grammar schools and whether they use the official Bucks CC test or their own:



Who can take the Late Transfer Test? (BUCKS)


Until recently children needed to achieve a level 5 in both Maths and English in SATS Key Stage 2, however this is no longer a requirement and anyone can apply to take the Bucks CC Late Transfer exam. (This is not necessarily the case for the schools opting to set their own exams and we suggest you make contact with the individual schools to check their entrance criteria).


Why should my child take 12+ or 13+ tests?


If your child was unsuccessful in the 11+ by a small margin there is a good chance they could pass the 12+.  A lower score could also be worth a try, provided you believe that your child is suited to a grammar school education.  In our experience, the issue for many children who were unsuccessful at the 11+ is simply one of timing. The 12+ and 13+ exams has always been considered easier.  We believe for many, the additional year of development proves invaluable for intellectual maturity and is one of the main reasons many children do well. In our experience there is less pressure on the children taking the 12+ or 13+, so those with nerve issues are more relaxed and confident.


What are the pitfalls of the 12+ and 13+?


‘Late transfer’ candidates are NOT automatically guaranteed a place at a grammar school. Factors such as availability, catchment area, sibling priority and distance from the school gates will influence whether your child gains a place at a grammar school, even if they pass the test.  Also it can sometimes be difficult emotionally for a child to move schools in year 8.


How (and when) do you take the Late Transfer Test?


You need to apply for the 12+ and 13+ exams in the autumn term of Year 7 and 8 respectively. You are allowed to withdraw your child from the test right up to the day of the exam; this would give you additional thinking time to consider options. The Bucks CC test takes place around the beginning of February and the individual schools between January-March.


What does the Late Transfer Test consist of?


The Bucks CC test will last approximately 75 minutes, including time for the examples and instruction. This will be a single test, with no break.  The test will assess verbal ability, numerical ability and non-verbal ability. The test will be taken as an online test, using a computer – this will not be a paper based test.


Why do parents choose Tops for their children’s 12+/13+ tuition?


“My daughter Nidhi was taught by Coral for the late entry test (12+) over the last few months and I can very strongly recommend her. Coral was very focused and gave Nidhi individualised work and feedback. She was always available for discussion, very helpful and made her lessons enjoyable, motivating and encouraging Nidhi to improve.” Sucheta I – Netmums, 3rd May 2014


“We used Coral for the preparation of the Bucks 12 plus exam, after my daughter did not get the score needed for the 11 plus exam. We have just found out that she has passed the exam! We are all over the moon. I just wish we found Coral sooner.” Jas G – Netmums, 4th April 2015


“Coral was informative, kind and considerate to our girls needs. She is very astute and provided feedback on Katie’s development areas and was very accurate with this. She set her homework and provided feedback on this and most importantly she rebuilt a little girls confidence to enable her to do the 12+ examination. We were delighted that Katie passed…” Catherine M – Netmums, 6th August 2015