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11+ Preparation (Year 5)
Our successful 11+ course is designed to prepare pupils for all aspects of the CEM and GL exams. We deliver first class tuition to expand students’ knowledge and cover the three main components of the 11 plus exam:- verbal reasoning, numeracy and non-verbal reasoning. Beyond covering the entire syllabus, we focus on building vocabulary and developing solid exam strategies. Emphasis is placed on mastering and perfecting the techniques needed to tackle the broad range of challenging questions and students are shown quicker ways to answer questions and solve problems. We offer Year 5 classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.


11+ Foundation (Year 4)

An ideal course to improve general maths and English skills and perfect for children about to embark on the 11+. We work with children to lay the foundations for the 11+ and help develop reasoning skills in accordance with the GL 11+ exam and CEM 11+ exam. We ensure children are secure in English and maths, which often means ‘filling gaps’ in their knowledge. We help improve spelling and grammar, develop comprehension skills and build vocabulary. We also help to develop and improve mental and written arithmetic skills, as well as teaching a range of curriculum topics such as fractions, decimals, percentages, money, time and worded problems. Small group sessions allow for individual attention and support enabling children to progress at their own pace. We offer Year 4 classes on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.


Late Entry (12+/13+)
We coach children for the 12+ & 13+ in Bucks. These tests are taken when the pupil is in Year 7 and Year 8 respectively. The 12+ and 13+ exams are good for pupils who missed out on the 11+ by a few marks. Children who have moved to the area after the main intake can also take the exam.